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Book cover for Introductory Biology, First Ed. (McGraw-Hill)
Introductory Biology, First Ed. (McGraw-Hill) McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0077724909

Introductory Biology for Non-Majors, LearnSmart by McGraw Hill, softwareLearnSmart for Intro to Biology, 1st Ed.

Written by McGraw-Hill
LearnSmart ISBN:
Copyright year: 2014

No matter which textbook your professor uses in class, LearnSmart for Introductory Biology will encompass the key content covered in your non-majors Biology course.

LearnSmart is a web-based and mobile software tool that works in tandem with that text to help you study more efficiently. It helps you figure out which concepts you need to study and which you already know. This way, it will focus only on what you don’t know and eliminate unnecessary study time. The result: you retain more knowledge, learn faster, study more efficiently, and get better grades.

Table of Contents
LearnSmart for Introductory Biology

  • Chapter 1 The Scientific Study of Life
  • Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Life
  • Chapter 3 Cells
  • Chapter 4 The Energy of Life
  • Chapter 5 Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 6 How Cells Release Energy
  • Chapter 7 DNA Structure and Gene Function
  • Chapter 8 DNA Replication, Mitosis, and the Cell Cycle
  • Chapter 9 Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
  • Chapter 10 Patterns of Inheritance
  • Chapter 11 The Forces of Evolutionary Change
  • Chapter 12 Evidence of Evolution
  • Chapter 13 Speciation and Extinction
  • Chapter 14 The Origin and History of Life
  • Chapter 15 Viruses
  • Chapter 16 Bacteria and Archaea
  • Chapter 17 Protists
  • Chapter 18 Plants
  • Chapter 19 Fungi
  • Chapter 20 Animals
  • Chapter 21 Plant Form and Function
  • Chapter 22 Plant Nutrition and Transport
  • Chapter 23 Reproduction and Development of Flowering Plants
  • Chapter 24 Animal Tissues and Organ Systems
  • Chapter 25 The Nervous System
  • Chapter 26 The Senses
  • Chapter 27 The Endocrine System
  • Chapter 28 The Skeletal and Muscular System
  • Chapter 29 The Circulatory System
  • Chapter 30 The Respiratory System
  • Chapter 31 Digestion and Nutrition
  • Chapter 32 Regulation of Temperature and Body Fluids
  • Chapter 33 The Immune System
  • Chapter 34 Animal Reproduction and Development
  • Chapter 35 Animal Behavior
  • Chapter 36 Population Ecology
  • Chapter 37 Communities and Ecosystems
  • Chapter 38 Biomes
  • Chapter 39 Preserving Biodiversity

How LearnSmart Works

We all know courses get more difficult as the semester progresses. Topics build on each other, and it’s hard to know what topics you really know. LearnSmart’s adaptive technology uncovers which core concepts you don’t fully understand, and helps you master them by creating a learning plan JUST FOR YOU!

LearnSmart’s interactive questions are also designed to help you remember what you learn throughout the semester. And just in case, LearnSmart figures out which concepts you are most likely to forget and sends you a reminder to brush up. Now you’ll never fall behind.

Best of all, studies show that LearnSmart can help you improve your course work by a full letter grade.

Need some added motivation? You can easily compare your score to others in your LearnSmart class!